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Computerlogy a software development company who has developed SocialEnable (Social Media Management Platform) announces today that it has been qualified for the Pages badge of Facebook’s Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Program, in addition to being qualified for the “Apps” badge in 2012.

Vachara Aemavat, CEO and Co-founder of Computerlogy said “It is our pride and greatest honor to be approved with this badge from Facebook this time.  Among many Brands using Facebook in Thailand, we know that there are more than 600 fan Pages using for business and the number of Facebook users are still growing dramatically, same as other countries in ASEAN.

We are confident that our product “SocialEnable” the Social Media Management System can help Brands achieving their real business objectives.  Not only Marketers but also Customer Care Services who are making use of Social Media should utilize this single-command system of SocialEnable as their most effective Marketing Tools.

Currently with SocialEnable, we manage more than 150 pages of Top Brands in Thailand.  During our meetings and discussions with many famous brands, we learned various valuable comments and noted more ideas about utilizing Social Media on business operations.  Consequently these have been applied as our guidance to steadily develop and top up SocialEnable throughout the whole year.  Today we are not simply selling this marketing tool to users but also delivering the most suitable Solutions for all the brands in Asian market to utilize Social Media more effectively in their business.  Now we are expanding to ASEAN market after getting the funding from Invent.  Nevertheless this new Badge achievement is another essential step and encouragement to our team with further attempt steadily on attentive development for products with quality conforming to International Standard level.”

About Computerlogy
Computerlogy  was founded in 2009 by a group of experienced software developers.  The company specializes in software development for big enterprises and integration with social media platform.
The company is a member of Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Program qualified for Apps and Pages..  It was the overall winner in the event of Facebook Developer World Hack 2012 in Jakarta and again this year it wins Thailand ICT Awards 2013 in communication section.

About Facebook PMD
The Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Program is a community of the best-in-class developers with one mission:  make marketing easier and more effective through technology partnerships.
With 260+ members in 45+ countries, PMDs are the social experts at the forefront of helping marketers and advertisers establish and grow lasting connections with customers.

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