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Computerlogy Co., Ltd. the expert in software development for social media marketing has launched the new service, Social.gg another new source for trends watching in Thailand.

Thailand becomes the nation with huge number of social media users, particularly Facebook, by end of 2013 with over 24 million users and eventually countless Facebook Pages were created to communicate whatever events are happening. Consequently social media becomes the most essential sources in monitoring movements all the times to realize what are happening at that moment. However, how to learn which ones are the popular topics, as well as to sort and search into the right category are not easy at all.

This is where Social.gg being developed as the tool to gather various trends on Facebook where users can check what is the hottest and/or widely interested topic. Besides, the key differentiation and strength of Social.gg are the classification into 20 Categories; for example banking, communication, media, travelling, vehicles, education, healthcare, amusement and so on which enable all enterprises to check and realize the market direction from Social.gg in order to adapt their marketing tactic and strategy accordingly.
Vachara Aemavat, CEO and Co-founder of Computerlogy Co. said “Social.gg is the 2nd service being launched after SocialEnable [//web.socialenable.com] which is the Social Media Management System for various enterprises. Social.gg has been developed to meet the requirements in marketing for general users and enterprises interested to learn what are the current trends being talked about at that time and avoid missing out certain important events or “The Fear of Missing Out” (FOMO). At this moment we initiate launching in Thailand and also with plan to expand into other countries. Besides, we will keep on developing new solutions to further improve marketing efficiency on social media continuously.”